Through my artwork, I wish to remind people of their innate child-like sense of wonder and whimsy. Though we are consistently growing through adult experiences that can test the strength of our imaginations and dim the light from within, we are able to access that playfulness, especially through art and music.

Music was my first love, and being able to experiment with painting live helped me discover my path as an artist. I love to interact and paint around people, and to paint certain colors associated with certain sounds and instruments. I enjoy being able to provide visual recordings of an experience. After experiencing it, I consider live art to be incredibly interactive with the musicians, the fans, fellow artists, and the overall scene. That, to me, is the most pure form of joy. Nothing warms me more than seeing a community resort to just being happy together, and I wish to act as a catalyst and convey that energy to all others.

Inspiration from my art comes from childhood folklore, bright and vibrant colors, nature, femininity, and of course, music. I hope and wish to inspire all to be truthful and courageous with themselves and what makes them whole.  In this way, they may create the way they are born to be, and can inspire to build bigger platforms for others to do the same.